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My name is Daimara, and I am a Brazilian photographer.
I have lived in New York for the past eight years and have been photographing people, buildings, and nature over the past five years. I also developed personal research projects focused on Spirituality, Self- knowledge, and Awakening of consciousness.



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Energy speaks louder than words


My relationship with art dates back to my childhood when I genuinely displayed a lot of interest in films, photos, plays, paintings, and even classic works like The Phantom of the Opera.

However, during my adult life, the need to earn an income and to gain professional experience in the sales field, resulted in me taking time away from this artistic and creative aspect of my life, which is my true passion.

My professional experience:

During my occupational journey in Brazil, I worked as a travel consultant in travel agencies, an outfit salesperson for major brands in São Paulo, and a promoter of LGBTQI nightclubs.

My last job in Brazil was working as a receptionist at a design college (Instituto Europeo di Design), located in Higienópolis, a neighborhood in Sao Paulo.

This was a remarkable experience for me. At the Institute, I reconnected with arts, fashion, and design. I had the opportunity to take courses and had the pleasure of dealing with incredible professionals and students dedicated to these fields. I quickly fell in love again with photography and writing which have always been a part of me. After that, I bought a compact Canon camera, and soon I was invited to work with the college photographing, researching, and posting content for the students and interested parties.

Photos by Vanessa Carvalho – Instagram: @photoVanessaCarvalho

How did I
get here?

It was a fun time, and it certainly inspired me to try some work that could involve art, especially photography and writing.

Anyone who knows me understands how much I’ve always been passionate about Metropolitan lifestyles and the dream of living in New York City has accompanied me for many years. I faced some obstacles in pursuing my dream; my visa was denied twice, but I persisted with my goal, which finally came true in 2013. That year, I came to New York, working as a waitress and, later in 2015, as an Executive Assistant which was one of the few jobs available to me at the time. In 2016, I found myself unhappy doing what I was doing and I had anxiety attacks with panic syndrome. I began to feel the call to rescue the old dream of working as an independent artist and decided to take a risk with the photographic material I already had available in my home collection.

I started with headshots and corporate events for the company I was then working for. People liked my work and I received compliments which made me feel motivated, so I started photographing small events and friends. This was the beginning of the structure of my independent business. Since then, I havent stopped photographing. 

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Spirituality, Worldview, and Purpose:

Spirituality has always been part of my journey. Overcoming the barriers of ignorance of a materialistic world and relearning everything I thought I already understood about life brought me this immense awakening of consciousness. I now understand it as a non-linear but cyclical, complex, expansive, and spiral process. I believe that humanity today is warlike, but our real nature is that of loving beings. Diverse and intense polarization in recent years, economic and social crises, and the system itself have caused many of us to lose contact with the soul, especially with our feelings. Today, what I offer through my work is this revitalization of feeling. I invite my clients to join the journey of self-knowledge through photography and its multiple positive aspects where we can talk about essence, feelings, emotions, and especially humanity.


Art for me means everything that has the power to elevate us. Photography is a particular and powerful way of capturing our essence and the world as I perceive it. Independent, revealing and sensitive, photography has its own language and incredible perspectives that can give us the opportunity to be worked on within a fun, magical and creative process. Far from being just a “click”, my identification with photography comes from my Soul, not just as a job, but as a lifestyle. What started naturally took consistency over time and today I can’t describe how excited I am to be able to photograph so many different people in New York in different aspects at important moments of their lives. These are registers that will be eternally remembered, bringing back to us our deepest feelings that once were forgotten in an “express world.”



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